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Hedwigh Verbruggen

Syntegral Mindset Coach | Lecturer | Trainer | Speaker | Author | Singer

Ready for your next level?

Develop a Syntegral Mindset!

“For the Times they are Changing”, wrote Bob Dylan. Yes and faster now than ever before. The world is changing. Society is changing. The business world is changing. And therefore being personally and professionally successful in the 21st century requires that we ourselves as individuals and organisations change aswell. We need to learn to think and be differently and develop a “next level intelligence”, based on what I call a Syntegral Mindset. Interested to learn more? Contact me for information on workshops and coaching +31(0)654760958  

About Hedwigh Verbruggen

 Syntegral Mindset Coach | Lecturer | Trainer | Speaker | Author | Singer

Hedwigh is a 21 century leadership, organization innovator. She supports individuals, teams and leaders in (fast) changing environments to become more future proof by developing a syntegral mindset.

Her expertises: Integral evolution, Chaordic design, Spiral dynamics (teal)Design thinking, Holacracy, Agile scrum, Lean startup, etc.). Hedwigh has over 25 years experience as HR professional for IT companies, Consultancy firms, Universities and was founder of a few own companies (training and hospitality).

Clients and co-workers describe her as pro-active, enthusiastic, creative, flexible, interdisciplinary and knowledgeable

Clients Hedwigh worked for:

“Hedwigh thinks in possibilities and creative solutions. Her aim is to achieve a shared result that makes the world a better place.

She has the ability to connect theory and technology with innovative ways of working. She is fast, flexible, open, caring and visionary.A. Riteco Director Honours HU

“Hedwigh has a wide range of knowledge, creativity, agility and is result minded. Her enthusiasm, energy and open mind are motivational. I admire the way she comes up with new sollutions over and over again to achieve results and involve stakeholders. Her way of working is kind and human centered. She always keeps the people aspect in mind. With this she is able to transform inspiring ideas into results with effective impact.” 

K. de Koning

Innovation Consultant - Trendwatcher, Yask

“Hedwigh is enthusiastic and inspiring. She is authentic and a professional with loads of energy in her field (leadership development & management, coaching, showing new horizons and views etc..). On top of all that she demonstrates a broad interest in several other fields (commerce, IT) that make her a valuable partner. She was heavily involved in establishing our new strategic account plan’s. She succeeds in finding the balance between business interests and personal interests of each and every employee.”

H. Moonen

Managing Director, Sioux